Fentanyl and bupivacaine epidural administration for pain relief in immediate postoperative period

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Αναστάσιος Λιάτας, MD, F.I.C.A. – Διευθυντής Χειρουργός

A C Liatas, MD, F.I.C.A. – Consultant Surgeon

Athens  General  Hospital  » EVAGELISMOS «




The analgesic effects of both opiates and local anaesthetics when infused epidurally, have been studied in the past. In the present investigation the onset and duration of actions, as well as, any side effects of both Fentanyl and Bupivacaine on the cardiovascular, respiratory, and central nervous system have been studied following their epidural administration for pain relief in the immediate postoperative period in patients who had undergone an elective abdominal or orthopedic operation. The infusion dose of both drugs was based on our previous studies and experience as well.


Epidurally injected opioids for postoperative pain relief have become very popular in recent years. They produce effective and long-lasting analgesia. This study has proved that Fentanyl 0,002 mg/Kg when administered epidurally produces rapid (within 5 minutes) and effective analgesia lasting >5 hours in the early postoperative period. Although severe respiratory depression occurred rarely after its administration, we believe that epidural infusion of Fentanyl should be restricted to patients in an intensive care unit or in a high care recovery room.

Epidurally infused Bupivacaine produces analgesia within 15 minutes which lasts >4 hours.

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Η εργασία αυτή έχει ανακοινωθεί στο: 2nd Mediterranean Surgical Congress, Athens, 24th – 27th of June 1989.

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